You’re worthy…

You need not climb mountains or swim oceans to feel a sense of achievement,
If you managed to vanquish the smallest, the tiniest hill of thoughts that was trying to smother you,
You’re worthy of a pat on the back.


Light that shines within

Light up your mind, body and soul,
Pray to God and ask for more and more love and kindness in this world,
There is no bigger happiness than the happiness that comes from the light that shines within,
Close your eyes and feel it, relish it,
Spread it.
This world needs more love from you,
Only then can it love you back,
Don’t burn it in the name of celebration of culture,
It’s nothing but just reckless revel,
You can do much better,
Much much better,
Trust me,
Just listen to that aching voice that only speaks the truth,
Feel the flickering light that sparks within,
And you’ll know what needs to be done,
Or rather, what needs to be undone for it holds no good now or in all the years to come

A very Happy Diwali

Being a mommy from a non-mommy

As I see my friends struggle between work and kids I wonder, without any offence meant, that maybe we were the last of the generation who got the maximum attention of our mum’s. Of course I understand that it’s a different time, a different generation and maybe when I become a mom I’ll go through similar challenges and will deal with them the same way but nevertheless I can’t help but ponder over this humongos change in lifestyle.

I now appreciate the little things that my ma used to do for us more than ever. It never really occurred to me like a big deal then. Believe me squeezing and squishing a bunch of mousambis is not an easy task, and to do it everyday for not one, not two but three impossible kids, well a nearly impossible task if I imagine myself doing it. That reminds me I ordered mousambis a week ago and they are still lying in one corner of my fridge, untouched. Ha!

Two glasses of milk everyday, one in the morning, one in the evening; cake baked and ready before the previous lot got over; three different demands on how food should be cooked, actually four (how can I forget dad), and all fulfilled; taking me for my dance classes, my sister and herself to singing classes and later my brother for his badminton classes, just to name a few. Oh my God! Is she for real? Her life is all about us! Us- three idiots, and one sensible soul (dad).

On one hand it’s a sweet thing to love oneself more than anyone else and not to let any opportunity that knocks at your door fritter away just because you have a big responsibility to deal with at home. And on the other hand to simply accommodate that responsibility after your other priorities are set in place is a painful task, even for the mom’s. God knows how they manage!

Well, who am I to say, I’m not a working mom, not yet, and whether I want it or not I can forsee my future, and that of my kid.

Now don’t ask me what I forsee. Just take a wild guess. It’s not a very difficult one.


Love you ma!

P.S. Featured image is that of one of my bestest friend and a great mommy with her daughter ❤️

What to do?

Spread love for life, for all that’s around you.

Earth is so amazing, so unique, and so beautiful,

Love it. Live it.

Happy Earth day!

I have immense amount of love for my plants, and all the plants around me. It gets slightly awkward at times when my mind plays games with me; which of the plants in your balcony do you love the most, and like a mother who gets uneasy with such questions about their kids, I get a twich in my stomach too.

They are all my favorite. Period.

Today, on the occasion of World Earth day I’d like to discuss and finally do away with an extremely messy question that my mind throws at me from time to time and which leaves me shaken for a bit.

I turned vegetarian 7 months ago (pat on the back!) but I still kill living beings, like cockroaches. Is that okay?

Ethically speaking, every living being in this world has the right to live. We, humans, have demarcated our territory, our property, but do you think that teeny little ugly lizard that sneaks into our house has a clue about it? And those cockroaches that run around our kitchen and nibble into our food like as if they have been slogging in offices and ordering them from big basket with their own hard earned money, what do we do with them? Do we kill them or let them be. Honestly, they irritate me and the first thing I do when I see a cockroach is I take off my sandal and smack the shit out of it.

But is it right, ethically speaking?

As the guilt bubble pops up in my head and grows bigger and bigger a pin magically appears and bursts it. POOF!

Wash your hands and the guilt is gone!

Well, dunno. I’m confused. I’ve stopped killing ants. They are okay now. Even lizards, I have sworn not to kill them anymore, no matter what! There is a growing hatred for pigeons due to their very very annoying habit of pooping on my balcony like as if it’s their public toilet but that too is under control, or so I think. Now of course I can’t buy a gun and shoot all the pigeons that visit my balcony cos that’d be too wild so I know I have to make peace with them. I don’t have a choice!

However, my biggest nemesis, cockroaches are the real trouble makers. This species multiply like crazy. God can there be a holocaust for them?! Actually, they had gone through one. They’ve survived the most brutal occurrences on Earth and are older than the dinosaurs, so even if I kill a few they are not going extinct anyway, right? There you go!

Dear Mind,

Cockroaches aren’t going anywhere, no matter how many I kill. They have survived the Mesozoic era (which I just googled about), they’ll continue to exist even if I knock out a few with my chappal everyday.

So please, nomore mind games. Let me kill them guilt-free.

Your most favorite dupe

P.S. Did I just dedicate an entire post to cockroaches?

Crunching leaves

As I walked down the lane to my house in the evening after having deboarded the office bus I accidentally stepped on a dry leaf and I smiled. The crunching sound gave me an inexplicable sense of satisfaction and as I walked on I couldn’t help but purposely step on all the dry leaves that came on my way and the smile continued throughout (I must have looked like a buffoon).

There are a few bizarre little things I do while walking that makes me happy for God knows what reason. Like stepping exactly on the middle of a tile, or matching my walk to the rhythm of the music I’m listening to, or my favorite (since I’m always in a hurry) sliding in between closing doors without disturbing my pace of walking.

Too silly, I know.

Well, I don’t think I’ll ever get over these wierd habits although they make me look like a fool (at times) but who cares! As long it makes me happy, I’ll continuing crunching along my path to glory!

Tip Tap Toe!

Life is funny my friend!

Cheers to our mundane life! (Low Five!)

As I get ready for office, like everybody else, I’m swept off by a feeling of hollowness. It’s like an empty tin waiting for that one coin on that one day at the end of the month to ring and bring a tuneless sound into our lives.

I ask myself why? Why? WHY?

As I reach the threshold of 30’s I realize that I’m done being a robot. I realized this at 26 too and quit my job but that was a tad bit reckless, although, I don’t regret any of it. I had a bit of savings so the first thing I did was, can you guess? It’s quite cliche. Well let’s see if your guess matches- I booked tickets to Goa and spent some quality time (by quality time I mean a week) with my friends and to understand what the heck was I doing with life.

I quit my job, my marriage was about to get fixed with the guy I loved, I hated the “corporate” life and didn’t want to get back to it, I wanted to do something of my own but what? What what what? My head was all muddled up! So I decided to relax and let life be. After Goa, I went back home and the only agenda in life was to CHILL! Me and my cousins would go out to eat in the evening, we’d go travel someplace, and enjoy life basically. All of it was fine until I ran out of my savings. After 3 years of working I wasn’t used to asking for pocket money but before this dilemma overcame me I got married and tadaaaaa I was in a new city where everybody works, Mumbai! Now, I got into another dilemma- I needed a goddamn job. I gave interviews for things that I still can’t imagine myself doing-like teaching (I’m howling with laughter in the head as I think of it).

So finally, where I was running away from “the corporate life” a year ago saying Goodbye forever, now again I was desperately looking for a job in that same shithole. It doesn’t change you know. You try escaping it, you try switching it, you try quitting it, it remains shitty. Trust me!

Well, life’s funny my friend.

Finally I managed to grab a decent job in a decent firm and I tried my best to be a decent employee.

Money matters after all.

Nevertheless, whatever be the matter I can’t help but wonder right now, on a Monday frigging morning what life tried to teach me through that whole experience? That money is important, that getting a good job is not an easy task so value it, that slogging your ass off is better than sitting idle. Well, dunno and I’ll never really know cos the dilemma never ends.

All I can do right now is just try and feel a little better by believeing in this beautiful quote by some sentient being~

“Do your duty and leave the rest to God”

Thank goodness I believe in God!